Now accepting  patients in the office of  Spine & Sport Annapolis. Rooted Therapeutix has more than 18 years of education in various therapy techniques on diverse populations and  fostering relationships in the Athletic, Yoga Therapy, and Healthcare communities of the Maryland region.

Therapeutic, Deep Tissue, Myofascial, Myo Kinesio, Sports, and a variety of Eastern & Western-influenced applications of bodywork therapy are the roots of this practice. The goal is to meet each patient where they are, and guide them toward an improved, tangible sense of physical well-being.

Regularly scheduled sessions can have the following results...​​


  • ​Decreased stress and increased relaxation

  • Reduced pain, muscle soreness and tension

  • Improved circulation, energy and alertness

  • Lowered heart rate and blood pressure

  • Improved immune function

  • Improved posture

  • sense of well being

  • improved mood

  • scar tissue reduction



Therapeutic Massage 

Classical forms of massage therapy can reduce chronic pain, cultivate a positive body image and enhance a healthy  immune function. This application of massage can be used for general populations as well as post and pre natal patients.

Athletic Recovery

Common injuries are shared by active populations, including competitive and recreational athletes. The most common of injuries shared is DOMS or "delayed onset muscle soreness". Massage can help reduce recovery time between

strenuous workouts and competition by alleviating discomfort related to DOMS and other injuries. 

Stress Management 

When physical & emotional demands exceed our ability to maintain balance, physical pain may manifest. Lack of homeostasis can put us at risk for disease. Massage Therapy stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, supporting balance...the patient becomes relaxed, rested, blood pressure lowers leaving the patient with a restored sense of wellbeing.

Yoga & Stretch

Human beings do not move enough in our world today and gravity adds a constant force on us, which takes a toll overtime. Good posture, movement  and strength are the best defense and  can help  forge a positive relationship with gravity. Yoga stretching & strength building  techniques may be integrated into your treatment. 







Therapy Sessions